Here at Discount Code Hunter we like to be open about how we make money and keep the site going. This is why we are producing this affiliate disclaimer.

Each time you click a link and it takes you to an external site, it's a high probability that this is a affiliate link.

Affiliate websites, like this one, earn commission if you are sent to a site where you sign-up, purchase etc. The company pays a commission if you meet certain requirements. These paid commissions ARE NOT added to the price you pay for the product or service, they are paid by the company and you pay the same price if you're using an affiliate link or not. You don't pay more when using an affiliate link on this website.

In a nutshell, when you find a great deal, discount code or offer and you click to reveal, or visit the deals main page, then it's probably an affiliate link.

Hope that clears everything up. Remember, it doesn't affect the price you pay.